Latest Press Releases

Latest Press Releases

  • 04/05/2017

    Ellp releases 9 new cards

  • 02/22/2016

    Launching 2 New Cards

  • 10/03/2016

    Ellp announces public Beta launch.

  • 09/01/2016

    Introducing Ellp's device helper.

Ellp’s Quarterly Update

9 New Ellp Cards Released

With 15 Ellp cards already available, the Ellp team announces the issue of 9 brand new ones, to end the first quarter with a bang!

Here’s what’s new on Ellp:

When I lock my PC, mute the sound

Office distractions are kept to a minimum with this new card, giving the option to automatically mute PC sounds upon locking. As a result, this saves the trouble of having to do it manually and helps in keeping the peace at the same time.

When I download a picture, save it to my preferred folder

With Ellp, individuals can eliminate the burden of fishing out their pictures by just activating this card to guide their downloaded pictures to a folder of their choice.

When I plug in my headphones, open my favorite application

Since most programs and applications do not launch automatically upon startup, this means a lot of time is spent locating and opening them manually. Ellp has a remedy for this! Once headphones are plugged in, the selected application will launch right away.

When I download a document, save it to my preferred folder

To help in keeping PC files organized, Ellp came up with a brand new card that lets everyone save their downloaded documents to a preferred folder of their choice.

When I get disconnected from the Internet, alert me

In order to combat the frustration of not being notified when getting cut off from the Internet, Ellp has a heads-up system in place that notifies individuals each time they get disconnected, so they’ll be the first to know about it.

When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me

To fight away idleness and unproductivity, this card helps to keep people focused and distraction-free, so they can get more done.

When my downloads folder is filling up, clear out the old stuff

Cleaning up the Downloads folder can’t get any easier with this latest Ellp card. Once activated, Ellp sends a notification each time the Downloads folder is close to getting full, so that it will clear out the old stuff, restoring valuable disk space.

When I plug in my headphones, open YouTube

This card simplifies the process of having to stay manually searching and loading YouTube. Once headphones are plugged in YouTube will launch right away, allowing people to go straight to enjoying their favorite videos and music.

When I download a movie, save it to my preferred folder

Ellp has the perfect solution for locating downloaded movies, allowing people to always find what they’re looking for. Once a folder is selected, all downloaded movies will go to the right place straightaway.

These new editions, adding up to 24 Ellp cards, merely mark the beginning of Ellp! The Ellp team promises that more outstanding updates and improvements will roll out during the next couple of months.

New on EllpTM

Launching 2 New Cards

Comfort and convenience are probably two of the most desirable qualities people look for in the products they use today. Lately, everyone seems to be on the lookout for software that makes their lives easier, particularly applications like Ellp, that make boring day-to-day tasks easy to handle. Although, still in its infancy, Ellp keeps on giving. With 13 Ellp cards already available for everyone to make use of, the Ellp team announces the issue of 2 brand new ones.

Here’s what’s new on Ellp:

When I plug in my headphones, open Spotify

‘Without music, life would be a mistake’ - the creators behind Ellp, couldn’t agree more with this statement from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche! Music lifts the soul, it gives flight to the imagination, and creates refuge for everyone to seek safe harbor. With that said, wouldn’t it be great if people could easily access their Spotify playlist by just plugging in their headphones? With Ellp, it’s possible to do just that. Once headphones are plugged in, Spotify will launch automatically. This, not only enhances the digital experience but also saves a lot of time, allowing people to go straight to their favorite song, artist or playlist.

When an application starts slowing down my PC startup, alert me

Most applications that automatically run upon PC startup, tend to take a toll on PC speed and performance, and as a result this curbs productivity. This leaves individuals frustrated, no one enjoys sitting idly wasting endless amounts of time just waiting for their Windows to load up. Thankfully, Ellp has the perfect card to combat this kind of situation. This card searches for power hungry applications that are slowing down PC startup time. Once these applications are detected, Ellp will immediately notify the individual about such applications so they can be closed, allowing for a better PC startup experience.

Although Ellp is still in its early stages of development, the team is working hard to double the amount of Ellp cards in the next few months, creating more and more cards that will meet today’s growing needs.

Launching EllpTM Beta Version

Reveal day for Ellp

Birkirkara, Malta: Ellp™ is here! Today on November 3, Ellp launches its Beta version to the general public.

Ellp’s Beta version is now available to all Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) PC and laptop users. To get a copy of Ellp, users can download the free Beta program from the following link:

By installing Ellp, users will enjoy immediate access to;

  • 1The all-in-one Ellp platform,
  • 2Instant access to automations,
  • 3and frequent product updates.

For Ellp, the Beta is central to understanding device users needs. It will allow the team to work towards creating the Ellp cards that matter most to their community.

We’d like to learn from our users. What they like, what they don’t like, and most importantly what they need for a better device experience. Feedback is very important to us, it’s the only way we can make a product that people actually need.

Reuben Borg, Product and Development.

This is however, just the beginning! The Ellp team aim to add more automation cards to the product in the coming weeks for current users to activate. The plan is to constantly improve on Ellp based on feedback and user testing that will be carried out in the next few months. Other operating systems such as Android and IOS will be worked upon in 2017.

Introducing EllpTM, A New Device Helper

Soon launching Ellp’s Exclusive Beta Version

Story: A bunch of tech enthusiasts based on the sunny island of Malta are creating a new and effortless way to simplify user’s device experience forever. With all life’s complexities, the Ellp team went back to basics and came up with an easy–to–use tool that empowers busy people to set their own rules and easily automate a vast number of day–to–day device tasks, for free.

Inspired by the If–this–then–that concept applied to connect apps, Ellp uses simple logic to automate tasks that are specifically carried out on people’s devices – simplifying technology for everyone. What if you could automatically save your tagged Facebook photos to a preferred folder? How about getting notified when downloading the same file multiple times, taking up precious space? Or better still, what if YouTube opens up each time you plug-in your headphones? With Ellp the possibilities are endless.

How does it work? Ellp automates activities based on a series of triggers and actions around internet, social media, online protection, storage space, multimedia, performance and more.

  • Simply:
  • 1Select the tasks you want to automate
  • 2Edit according to your liking
  • 3Start enjoying a smoother device experience

Ellp is intended to make automation available and accessible to everyone. Whether you are tech savvy or a casual user – Ellp suits all.

Staying true to our core values, we want to present a product that simplifies people's lives by paving the way for a better device experience. Ellp is the one tool you need to ensure that your device is automatically handling routine and critical tasks around one's online activities, social media, photos, device performance, and much more.

Gilbert Camilleri CEO of Ellp

Good News: We’re collecting email addresses for those that would like early access to the Beta Version released mid-October. By simply sharing Ellp with your friends, you’ll also be able to unlock a cool bonus feature! Ramp up your position as you share with your friends. The top 10 referrers will join our VIP team, earning access to other gifts! The product will first be available on Windows with the aim to launch Ellp on Android and iOS / Mac in 2017.