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We’re a bunch of tech enthusiasts based on the sunny island of Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean sea. At Ellp we’re set to revolutionize people’s desktop experience, making Windows cool again!

“ Day-to-day life is busy, we wanted to make it easier, so we built Ellp ”



Founder & CEO

“Few can afford to hire a butler at home, so we dreamt of having a digital one for your desktop. Ellp is there to automate and simplify your life.”



Head of Product

“We wanted to build a product that we would use, and would recommend to our family and friends. With Ellp, we're doing just that.”



Customer Success

“My job is about delighting and supporting our community of users through each and every step of their Ellp journey.”

The Ellp story, so far


Out of Public Beta

October 2017


May 2017

Public Beta Launched

November 2016

Early Access Opened

October 2016

Brand Launched Online

September 2016

Development Stage

April 2016

Our Beginnings - Ellp Founded

January 2016

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Kristina from Ellp

What are the benefits of having a PC assistant?


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